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Bedrooms - Facilities

Telephone System
The home is equipped with a direct dial telephone system with extension points located in each bedroom. Incoming callers to the home pass through an automated switchboard, giving callers the ability to either dial directly to a room extension or to hold and speak to a member of staff.
Keeping unencumbered access to a telephone can greatly enhance an individuals mental interaction by enabling contact with friends and family who may not live in the area or are unable to visit as often as they would wish. Residents benefit from not incurring line rental fees, however outgoing calls are charged at a nominal rate.

Nurse Call System
The home utilises one of the most up to date two-tone call systems available. Activation points, used for summoning assistance, are located in every room of the home. When a call point is activated the signal is logged and simultaneously sent to paging units that all staff carry with them. Active calls can only be cancelled from the point of origin, so residents can be assured that a member of staff will attend to their request. In an emergency situation an alternative activation can be triggered resulting in an immediate response.

We have a wireless broadband network installed throughout the building giving WIFI access to all bedrooms as well as the communal lounges, dining areas, etc. Residents can access the internet either from their own PC / laptop or by means of our mobile touch screen computer system. Staff are on hand to give help and advice on using the Homes communal computer to access the internet, email, web cam, etc via a dedicated easy to use software package. This facility enables greater independence, making it possible for our residents to use some of the wonderful resources available online.

All personal clothing is laundered on the premises on a daily basis. The Homes Housekeeper will carry out any minor repairs as needed. Residents are requested to have all personal clothing labeled clearly with their name and initials prior to admission.
Bed linen and towels are provided, however a dry cleaning service is not available within the Home.

Public liability, plus personal property cover for up to £500. Residents are advised to have items of value insured privately through their own insurance company.

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